9000lb Service & Storage Lift

9000lb Service & Storage Lift
Product Code: STD-9000ST
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Price: $2,099.00


We are offering FREE with the purchase of this lift 3 Drip Trays.

The STD-9000ST is not your normal parking lift.  The STD-9000ST has many of the features you would find on commercial lifts.  With the air powered safety latch release, all 4 latches are released with the push of a button.  Add the optional caster kit and you have a portable lift.  The STD-9000ST is designed to fit most residential garages.

Standard Lift & Equipment STD-9000 Series lifts feature the slack cable safety release system.  This system usually only found more expensive commercial grade cable drive lifts uses 2 latches in each heavy duty column.  If for some reason a lift cable becomes slack, the secondary latch activates preventing the lift from lowering further.

  • 9000lb. Lift Capacity
  • 19" Wide Non Skid Formed From 3/16" Steel
  • 14,000lb. Capacity Aircraft Quality Cables
  • Slack Cable Safety Latches
  • Air Powered Push Button Safety Release
  • Enclosed carriages, Pulleys and Safety Latches
  • Removable Approach Ramps
  • Single Oversized Cylinder Underneath the Runway
  • Fixed Runways Designed to Fit Most Vehicles
  • Freestanding and Portable
  • 10 Locking Positions
Capacity   9,000 lbs
Max. Lift Height Top of Runway   70-1/2"
Max. Lift Height Bottom of Runway   66-1/2"
Overall Length Including Ramps   200"
Column Height   86-1/2"
Overall Width   106"
Drive-Thru Width   93"
Runway Width   19"
Width Between Runways   37-1/4"
Runway Length   165"
Drive On Ramp Length   36"
Latch Style   Pneumatic
Standard Motor   220V*

*110V available on request
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice