3500lb Sliding Bridge Jack Manual


Designed to make wheel and brake work on you 4 post lift safe and easy, the STDJ-35M is an economical alternative to our STDJ-35A for 4 post lift owners looking for a safer way to get their wheels off of the lift runways.

An alternative to the jack trays that come with most lifts, the STDJ-35M is an all-in-one unit.  This “lift on your lift” eliminates the need for jack trays, jacks and jack stands.  The manually operated hydraulic jack lifts your vehicle and the specially designed mechanical locks take the pressure off the hydraulic system making your vehicle safe and secure while you are working on it.

The STDJ-35M will work on most manufacturers 7,000 and 8,000 lb capacity lifts.  Call our experienced above ground lift professionals today to find out if the STDJ-35M will work for you.

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