SGT-9000XLT series 81” deck height

MODEL SGT-9000XLT Series 81″ Deck Height made in USA

We are offering FREE with the purchase of this lift the Jack Tray and 8 Drip Trays*.

The SGT series is perfect for doubling the space of your two car garage. The lifting capacity of SGT series is up to 9,000lb, 6,000lb down the center or 4,500lb on each side. The 8 drip trays between tracks will keep fluid dripping from vehicle. The pre-arched and re-enforced cross arm prevents sagging. Anchoring the SGT series to your floor is recommended. Standard 5” x 5” Post and 6” x 6” Sliding collar. The powerful 220v power unit and single point release make operation simple. It is great design for storage and collector.

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